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About 26th of May

My story begins in high school, almost 20 years ago. As people who grew up in the UK know, when you get to 16, you have some decisions to make about where you want your life to go. I remember not really knowing what I wanted to do for a career, but given my affinity for the creative subjects, just went along with the limited choices my traditional girls school offered. I chose amongst others, Art and Product Design – one offering endless possibilities for unlimited creation, the other, still creative, but bound by rules and product briefs.

When it came to the end of sixth form, and another hard choice was thrust upon us, I visited Product Design departments at various universities. Despite enjoying learning how to build furniture at school, as soon as I was shown around the workshops I knew a lifetime of designing chairs or packaging wasn't for me. It felt so far from the creative arena I knew I belonged in – somehow cold and less hands on. I visited Art departments at those same universities, and although being there still didn't feel right, it felt less wrong, and less restrictive. I opted for the latter, and struggled my way through a degree where I began to realise that I didn't enjoy endless creative freedom. I craved limits, and boundaries. I didn't know it then, but I craved something that offered me a mix of design and art.

Fast forward to winter 2019, after a decade long career as a UI Designer, a trip to my local Hobbycraft saw me leaving with a bag full of polymer clay – an impulse buy I thought would make some interesting handmade Christmas gifts. I had no idea it would evolve into what 26th of May has become. I can honestly say, I feel like this is what I was meant to be doing. If I had known all those years ago that jewellery and accessory design was where my passions would lie, who knows where my life would have led me. Maybe one day I'll go back to university, and make the right choice.

The passion that I have for this, the hours that I spend making, learning, growing, it all ends up in the pieces that I make, and I really hope that this is evident within the photographs - and hopefully - in your hands if you purchase anything.

The 26th of May was my mum's birthday. I lost her to cancer not long after I graduated. She was my biggest supporter, and I dedicate this shop to her memory.

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